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Centralized Air-Conditioning Systems

For large commercial facilities, shopping centers, hotels, hospitals, industrial, office and high standard residential buildings.

Air-Cooled Systems

Cost-effective total solutions, incorporating state of the art equipment from major Manufacturers, suitable for large scale energy efficient installations.

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF)

Centralized air conditioning systems suitable for middle size office, hotels and residential buildings.

Water-Cooled Systems

The latest updated technology of liquid chillers, cooling towers and air terminal units of constant and variable air volume.

Computer & Data Centers

HVAC combined solution for temperature, humidity and air purification control incorporated with digital displacements.
Smoke Control Systems: air pressurizing and smoke exhaust system for safe evacuation of high-rise buildings and large public halls.  

Direct Expansion (DX) Commercial Systems

Single-packaged units and split units suitable for air conditioning of large single-zone areas or small residential projects.

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